CoolStickerz’ application to your device is very easy.

Follow the steps below to apply your CoolStickerz.

How to apply CoolStickerz

Instructions for use 1 – Wash your hands before starting. The natural greasy of your hands can ruin the adhesive.

Instructions for use 2 – Use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth dampened with water to clean your device.

Instructions for use 3 – Check where each adhesive must be applied before removing the protective film from CoolStickerz.
Instructions for use 4 – Apply CoolStickerz to your device.


CAUTION: Do not remove the transparent protective film that is on the graphics; it’s important to protect CoolStickerz and your device.

Problems with the application of CoolStickerz?

What should I do if my CoolStickerz stick on itself?
Don’t worry! CoolStickerz can still be removed and applied to your device. Anyway, be very careful not to pull too much, otherwise you could deform the adhesive.

While I was applying my CoolStickerz, some air bubbles were formed on the surface. What should I do?
CoolStickerz is made with a special material which eliminates air bubbles simply by pressing them with a finger so the air can escape.

My device has already applied a transparent protective film. What should I do in the application of CoolStickerz?
Simply apply your CoolStickerz above it! 😉

In any doubt don’t hesitate to contact us.