CoolStickerz is an adhesive designed to personalize and protect your device, providing protection against scratches and wearing. It is removable and does not leave a sticky residue on the device. The small air channels in the adhesive part permit a rapid application, allowing to any air bubbles to easily come out.

How do I apply my CoolStickerz?

For a correct application follow the instructions on the Application page.

What should I do if I didn’t find a CoolStickerz for my device?

CoolStickerz is always expanding: help us to improve it! Bring your device to our attention by filling out the form that you find on the Suggest a new device page.

Why does my CoolStickerz slightly shrink?

The fact is due to the type of material which CoolStickerz is realized with: extreme changes in temperature can produce a slight narrowing of the material. However once the adhesive has been applied to your device, it will not undergo any change anymore.

CoolStickerz can be applied everywhere?

CoolStickerz can be applied in all glossy and matte surfaces (eg. plastic, glass, aluminum, etc…) while it’s not possible to apply CoolStickerz on rubber or silicone surfaces.

Where can I get the wallpaper for my device?

Very simple! Once you have made ​​your purchase, and if your device allows a custom background, just return to the graphics page purchased, press the link “Download Wallpaper” and save the background.

How can I add the background on my device?

Each device has several ways to add a customized wallpaper. The fastest is to connect to the internet via wi-fi, 3G or 4G with your device and follow the procedure described above. Once you have saved the image here is what to do: Procedure for iOS devices Click on the “Images” and here you’ll find all the photos on the device, including the wallpaper you just saved. Once you open an image, simply press this symbol: Complete the operation by clicking on the “Use as Wallpaper”, “Set” and choose where to display the wallpaper (“lock screen”, “Home screen” or “both”). Procedure for Android devices Tap and hold the home screen to open the Add to Home screen menu. Press “Wallpaper” and select the background you want to set. There are three options: gallery, Animated Wallpapers and Backgrounds. Gallery lets you set a picture as the background. Press Gallery and select the downloaded wallpaper. Finally, press Save.


Costs, shipments and recesses

Can you ship CoolStickerz to my country?

Wherever you are, the answer is always yes! We can ship CoolStickerz all over the world, in any town or big city. For more information on shipping systems and delivery schedule go to the Shipping page.

How much does it cost to ship CoolStickerz?

Shipping costs depend on the destination and the way in which you decide to make the shipment. In fact, before completing the purchase, you can decide which shipping method you prefer to take. Anyway, the cart alerts you to all the costs involved in your purchase.

Can I give my CoolStickerz back?

The right of withdrawal can be exercised by the consumer within 10 days from the receipt of the Item and it consists in the possibility to give the unused and undamaged CoolStickerz back to the provider instead of a refund or an equal-value exchange. For more information go to the Terms and Conditions page. Personalized CoolStickerz can NOT be refunded as they are ad hoc committees for the users. Return address: Art&Stick snc – Servizio resi CoolStickerz – Via del Lavoro, 29 –  36016 Thiene (Vicenza) ITALY

How can I pay my CoolStickerz?

For payment systems go to the How to buy page.

Are there any discounts for buying multiple CoolStickerz?

Of course! If your CoolStickerz’ order is over 100 pieces, you will receive a discount on the total. Contact us and we will give you all the details about.

Can I become a CoolStickerz’ reseller?

If you have a physical store or an ecommerce, you can become CoolStickerz’ reseller. Contact us and we will give you all the details about.

For any other information contact us.