Terms & conditions

CoolStickerz’ Terms

General conditions of sale

All prices of our list include TAX at 22%.


For bulk-buying (over 100 pieces) send us a specific request to [email protected]

Rights of withdrawal

Informative under the d.lgs. 206/2005. All purchases, made from a distance and via telephone or correspondence, since they take place outside of business premises, are protected by d.lgs. 206/2005, which provides for giving to the consumer the possibility to exercise the right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal can be exercised by the consumer within 10 days after goods’ delivery: during that time you have the right to return your purchase unused and intact to the supplier instead of a refund or a change-ware of same value. All personalized items CAN’T be refunded, because they were expressly created for you. Exclusions. The right of withdrawal is enforced to natural persons acting for purposes not related to his professional activity. So the purchases made from retailers and businesses are excluded from the right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal does NOT apply to the following categories of Items:

  • CoolStickerz without their original packaging or ruined;
  • personalized CoolStickerz.

Terms of exercising the right of withdrawal. Customers who have purchased Items can withdraw from the purchase within 10 days after goods’ delivery. In order to withdraw from the purchase the Items have NOT to be without their original packaging, ruined or damaged. Customers who wish to withdraw from the purchase must give notice by a certified mail. Such notice has also to contain the codes of Items you intend to return, as well as the indications about the way you prefer your refund will give you back (bank, paypal, etc.) and all the necessary details for repayment. The certified mail must be sent or delivered to: Art&Stick snc – Servizio resi CoolStickerz – Via del LAvoro, 29 – 36016 Thiene (Vicenza) ITALY. Any shipping costs for returning the material shall depend on the purchaser. We reserve the right to inspect the integrity of the material you give us back before paying the refund out. The refund includes ONLY the cost of the material. That means the refund does NOT include shipping costs and incidental expenses such as packaging, cash on delivery, insurance, etc. Any possible shipping costs will be taken off the amount of the refund. Once the goods are received and their integrity is verified, we’ll provide as soon as possible for paying the cost of the Items back to the customer, deducting, as we explain above, any shipping costs, which have to be paid by the customer.


Purchased Items are guaranteed for 12 months only for manufacturing defects and NOT for accidental damages such as:

  • break caused by accidents or falls;
  • break caused by improper use;
  • rifts;
  • natural deterioration caused by time;
  • items with obvious signs of damaging;
  • break or malfunctioning caused by transport;
  • installation of the item by a third party.

If the returned item works, is out of warranty or it falls into one of the limitations above, the customer will underwrite the costs of management and new delivery.

Items shipping

For any information about shipping go to the Shipping page.

Processing of personal data

D.leg. 30/06/2003, n. 196; in G.U. 29/07/03 series Jan. n. 174, Suppl. ord. n. 123/L in force since 01/01/2004, replacing Law n. 675/1996 and subsequent amending provisions and supplementary + art.7. The personal data necessary for the completion of a purchase with billing are:

  • Name and Surname
  • Address
  • TAX number (for companies)
  • E-mail
  • Telephone

In addition, we guarantee to customers that no data provided to us, from the same customer or from another source, will be disclosed to third parties. For the full text go to the Privacy page.

Rules on intellectual property rights

The user is responsible for the use of the Services, for any content provided and for any consequence arising therefrom. Each photograph, image, information, know-how, idea, suggestion, or other kind of material published on the web site using the Services will called “Content”. Only a Content complies with the Terms can be used by the user to create Items. The publication of Contents you don’t own or which of you don’t have permission to use will be considered a breach of the Terms, and it could be also considered a breaking of the laws mentioned above. The user expressly states the Contents are:

  • original work of his own creation and property, which does not breach a copyright, or other personal and proprietary rights of third parties;


  • provided of all necessary authorizations to be made, used, modified and reproduced to create the Items required.

The user has rights and responsibilities to any Content sent, posted or displayed through the Services. You have NOT to use the Services in connection with other web sites different from www.coolstickerz.com or with other means, which propose any Content or links to activities related to pornography, explicit or suggestive sex; violence, discrimination of any ethnic group, nation, race, sex, religion, profession, sexual orientation, disability or age; profanity; promotion of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons; promotion of activities which may appear unsafe or dangerous; promotion of particular political messages, defamation, misrepresentation, racist remarks about other people or companies; everything which violates the rights of others or the law. The Services are for personal use. It’s forbidden to use photos of celebrities or other famous people. If you create Contents using the Services, you have to declare and guarantee that:

  • I have personally produced the material sent (photos, drawings, etc.), or that I have received all necessary authorizations to use, modify and reproduce any photo or image, which will be used to create the Items;
  • the customization and use of the Contents will not violate the rights of the third parties or any other law or ordinance.

Art&Stick snc shall NOT be held responsible in any way for the use of images that may be subject to copyright or any other law. Art&Stick snc may contact you or third parties to verify the information provided, the rights relating to design, obtain more information, and to film and/or record any statements made by you or others in the course of exchanges with Art&Stick snc. Art&Stick snc also reserve the right to send to their Users information and notices concerning the Items by E-mail, Telephone or other means, according to information provided by the user.

Terms of Use Personalized CoolStickerz

  • Please do not upload images or logos which you do not have the right of reproduction;
  • Please do not upload images containing explicit sexual contents, racist remarks, homophobic themes, etc., or images whichs contain disdainful remarks about others (people, companies, etc.);
  • Art&Stick snc has the right to refuse to print personalized CoolStickerz which violate our policies loading images;
  • The user is responsible for 100% of the images uploaded in the creation of personalized CoolStickerz, and of any problem (legal or of other nature) caused by the creation of Items branded CoolStickerz which show these printed images.

Art&Stick snc does NOT gain any right in images uploaded to create personalized CoolStickerz. Your images are ONLY used to create the Items you request, but if you are interested in selling your images on the web through our means, go to the page Are you an Artist?, and take part in the program CoolStickerz’ Artist. We are always looking for new talents, and we’d like to have a look at your work; but, if we notice that the user has violated one of the restrictions above, we’ll be forced to exclude it from the publication of any material used by it in the Services.

  • We’ll never sell to other users material provided by you without asking for your permission;
  • Please, respect the rights of our artists and collaborators, using the site following the rules above.

Forbidden activities

The user agrees not to evade, disable or interfere with the security of the web site or activities which prevent or restrict the use or the copy of any Contents or enforce he limitations on the use of the site or its content. You agree to:

  1. not use the Contents or the Services of CoolStickerz for illegal purposes;
  2. not limit or inhibit to other users the use and the enjoyment of the Services, also through hacking or deletion of any part of CoolStickerz’ site, the introduction of virus, worms, trojans, spyware or other computer codes, files or programs that are designed to damage or deviate the working of any hardware, software or telecommunications’ equipment;
  3. not send or transmit advertisements, solicitations, chain letters, pyramid schemes, investment opportunities or schemes, other unrequested commercial communications or spam;
  4. not impersonate any other person or entity, or distort your own affiliation with a other persons or entities;
  5. not use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or other manual or automatic system to process or to recover cards and databases, or in any other way to get around the presentation of the Services or any CoolStickerz Contents;
  6. not use materials in manner that violate the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.


All self-adhesive materials are supplied with tolerance on the length and width of ± 2%.