Sticker cover Apple Macbook air 13 2-3 gen white marble CoolStickerz


  • Sticker cover Apple Macbook air 13 2-3 gen white marble CoolStickerz

13” Apple MacBook Air (2°-3° gen.) “white marble”

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Product Description

Dimensioni adesivo: 32,1×22,3 cm (12.65×8.79 inch)

  • Materiale "polimerico" di ultima generazione
  • Facile applicazione senza bolle d'aria
  • Protezione da graffi, polvere e raggi UV
  • Stampa a colori ecosolvente
  • Stampa in alta risoluzione
  • Adesivo impermeabile
Differenze tra pellicole adesive cast e pellicole adesive calandrate

Peso 0.2 kg

3 reviews for "13” Apple MacBook Air (2°-3° gen.) “white marble”"

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    Hi there,

    Does this decal show the Apple on the laptop when applied? It’s not showing in the photo?


    • :

      Hi Olivia, the stickers doesn’t have the cut apple for an easy application. However, the white light is visible through the adhesive.

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    I’m not exactly sure what generation my MBA is… but it’s the 13-inch, mid 2012 one. Please advise on which decal I can purchase that will fit my macbook air. Should I purchase this one or… this one:

    Also, this decal won’t leave a sticky residue and is removable, correct?

    Thanks so much!

    • :

      Hi Cindy,
      the first generation of MBA is created in 2006/2009, so your MBA is a 3rd gen.
      Yes, it is removable and does not leave a sticky residue on the device. The small air channels in the adhesive part permit a rapid application, allowing to any air bubbles to easily come out. If there were small residues of glue, you can gently remove with alcohol.

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    hej, do u deliver in dk?

    • :

      Hi Annusiya,
      yes, we deliver to Denmark.

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